Touring the country series

Last year was one of the most difficult for all mankind, isolated and locked up for many months waiting to be able to see our family, friends, travel and enjoy our free time. For all this, our imagination flew day after day trying to reach these desires of freedom of which we were deprived. For this reason we decided to create a content system for KIAR SRL media. A campaign where the brand's products can be integrated with a specific province of the country.

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Touring the country series

First steps...

We initially present the graphic morphology of the product, a process of understanding the shape and then transforming this shape into the actual product by means of a photograph.

The idea was developed in three very simple steps, the vectorization of the product to start each animation, the presentation of the actual product and the fusion with the chosen environment through a photograph of a representative place of the province chosen for each series.


series made from the 17-11-2020 to 17-03-2021

The objective of the campaign was to present the entire product line of the brand through a series of animations, in which each product would be accompanied by its model, in a minimal visual hierarchy so as not to distract the user's attention and the use of a contrasting photograph behind the product. In this way we tried to bring a little hope to the followers of the brand, letting our imagination fly a little and on the other hand, trying to contrast a little with so much bad news that we received daily from the various media.