Branding, site web, video & photography

Branding, site web, video & photography

Marisa S.A. is a family company with more than 45 years dedicated to the manufacture of silos and storage and maintenance of cereals, originally from Arteaga, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Innovation is one of the main values that characterizes the company. It approached us looking for a renewal of its brand image, with the aim of adapting to new market trends.

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Grupo GENS S.A.
Branding, site web, video & photography

The corporate image redesign process began with the modification of its brand. We sought to give more dynamism, harmony and balance to the original brand, avoiding moving away from its roots. The most important decision was to change the typography of their historical logo. We continued the branding project with the development of a new visual identity system, which included applications for internal and external use, brand presence in rural and industrial silos, office and vehicle signage, corporate merchandising, among other pieces and applications.

We also developed a new responsive website where the work done in recent decades throughout the country is presented, including a detailed description of each silo manufactured and its technical characteristics.


The development of this rebranding process involved 6 months of work, including photo shoots and videos to different silos manufactured by the company, including the development of a timelapse, which summarizes the work process of building a silo for 2 months in a few minutes.